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High Risk Car Insurance For The Recovering Driver

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What is a high risk driver?

High Risk is a term used by insurance companies when a driver's record is no longer deemed "perfect" or within an acceptable risk. It could be the result of a few traffic tickets, minor car accidents or even non-payment of auto insurance premiums.

Not all drivers who have been designated as high risk are in fact bad drivers. At Drivers First, we like to think that you've had a bit of bad luck and are a recovering driver. Our approach is to find you affordable car insurance options to bridge that gap until you are no longer categorized as a high-risk driver.

Once I am designated a high risk driver, am I always a high risk driver?

No - in fact, your driving record, and therefore your car insurance premium, is very date sensitive. Each case is unique and requires individual attention. Our goal is to provide you with the best coverage for the time you need it.

Should I shop for car insurance on price alone?

It's not always about cost. High risk car insurance can get complicated and it's best to have an insurance professional acting on your behalf to ensure you are getting adequate and timely coverage.

We can offer both short-term and long-term auto insurance policies and advise you on the best ones. It's important to make sure you detail your driving record to Drivers First. Let us decide what is relevant to your case. We have your best interests in mind.

I own a motorcycle; does that make me a high risk driver?

No, but motorcycles and other types of vehicles such as sports cars can elevate you into a high risk category. That's why at Drivers First we take great care in detailing your entire driving and insurance history, to make sure we get you the right auto insurance.

At Drivers First, we provide for all your insurance needs, whether auto, property, life or accident insurance. You can call one of our Drivers First Car Insurance Brokers at 1(888) 754-4801.